Design as Process


A good design is worth a thousand words.

Plus Orange bridges the gap between each client’s demands and their customers’ needs–Managing this with an awareness of what is contemporary and an understanding of design and art histories. With the drive and the ambition to energize, invigorate and create a mentally and visually stunning body of work that performs for each customer, Plus Orange will be there for you around every turn.

Design in 4-D


A crucial step in the creative process is information and content gathering—it sets the stage for the rest of the project. Identifying the needs and goals and clarifying the time frame for each phase of the project as well as the project duration allows for more time to be creative during the design phase.


A successful design will be clear and recognizable in many applications. An organization’s brand must convey its message in an instant, striking the right tone and laying a solid foundation for it’s business identity. Plus Orange strives to design solutions that to speak to a broad audience.


Effectively building a website for faster downloads… Creating a logo that works when blown up 100 feet high as well as it does on your business card… These are the kinds of issues at the heart of development. Staying true to the design phase is key. Plus Orange pays close attention to detail and designs with every aspect of the process in mind.


Focusing on delivering all necessary and pertinent files is the end goal of any project. Plus Orange will test and troubleshoot any possible issues that might present themeselves before uploading a website, sending files to be printed or sending final source files to our clients.